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Blue Striped Products

These hand-turned stoneware products have been produced since 1895. These true utility items were once very necessary household products. From churns for making butter to jugs for storing squeezings, very few changes have been made in the production of these products. Only the best materials possible are used. A clear, lead free glaze is applied before firing. Because of the handmade nature, there are slight variations in size, color and texture.


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These products compliment our existing Blue Stripe products. With the exception of the napkin holder and the teapot, these are still hand turned on the potter's wheel.

Napkin Holder


Lotion Jug

Tea Pot

newproducts (125K)

A   N H BS   Napkin Holder with Blue Stripe  
B   V 1/2 Gal BS   1/2 Gallon Vase with Blue Stripe  
C   L J BS   Lotion Jug with Blue Stripe  
D   TP BS   Tea Pot with Blue Stripe  

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Ice Cream Bowl and Chili Bowl

Ice Cream bowls are a perfect size for a sweet dessert and our Chili bowls have a handle for when your chili is too Hot to handle! All hand made here in the good ol' USA!

bowls (71K)

A   B IC BSP   Ice Cream Dish with Blue Sponge  
Not Shown   B IC BS   Ice Cream Dish with Blue Stripe  
B   B C BS   Chili Bowl with Blue Stripe 
C   B C BSP   Chili Bowl with Blue Sponge  

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Butter Dishes

The Butter dish is a stylish way to store and serve butter. It fits a standard-size stick of butter and features your logo accented with a blue stripe. The Butter canister fits a small 15 oz. margarine tub inside.

butterdishes (54K)

A   BTR D BS   Butter Dish with Blue Stripe  
B   BTR C   Butter Canister with Blue Stripe  

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Handmade Canisters make a useful and timeless fund-raising product that is made in the USA!

canisters (50K)

A   C 6 BS   6 Inch Tall Canister  
B   C 8 BS   8 Inch Tall Canister  
C   C 9 BS   9 Inch Tall Canister  
D   C 7 BS   7 Inch Tall Canister  
  C BS SET   4 Piece Canister Set  

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Casserole Dishes

Stylish and practical these striped casserole dishes keep your culinary creations piping hot from the oven till the end of the meal!

casseroledishes (77K)

A   CASS LG   11 inch Casserole Dish  
B   CASS SM   8 3/4 inch Casserole Dish  

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Churn Style Salt and Pepper Sets

Hand-turned Salt and Pepper Shakers replicate the shape of an old butter churn. Sitting at appoximately 3 inches tall, these pieces, embelished with your design, are a nice homey touch to your table. All hand made here in the U.S.A.!

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Butter Churn

Harken back to the days of rich farm fresh creamy butter with this 2 gallon butter churn. This is a great product to auction or raffle! Hand made here in the good olí USA!

butterchurn (214K)

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